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Hello, so less than a week is the Lunar New Year 2018 right? In recent days, I have designed a number of publications to prepare for the events that will take place during the upcoming Lunar New Year, including Lucky Drawer Tickets Happy New Year 2018. Surely you will need to use? I share it always!

Lottery tickets lucky Lunar New Year

This is a design for Binh Sa Parish, Phat Diem Diocese. This year, the parish priest of Binh Sa wants to organize a lucky draw for lay people so that the community will have more fun during Tet holidays. And I was offered to give you some hundred lucky tickets.

There are some people who share their lucky draw tickets, but I find it not appropriate so even if you are busy making a simple but still full of spring air. – The lucky draw tickets of the spring Mau Tuat
File information design

Lottery tickets are designed with 2 parts: stalk and ticket. Between the two sections will have a groove to tear out, the ticket stubs are put into the draw box, while the ticket will keep the customer.

Front side – lucky tickets Lunar New Year 2018

Back – Tickets lucky Lunar New Year 2018
Ticket: I designed classic tone, simple motifs and no less luxurious.

Stalker: I use a red background “china new year background” to make the background and process code generation always.

Design file information:

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6
Dimensions: 18x6cm
Color scheme: CMYK
Resolution: 300dpi
Printing technology + Printing: Color laser printing on C250 paper, tearing for tear
Some realistic images: – Lucky Bear Tickets for the Lunar New Year 2018 – 2 – Lucky Draw Tickets for the Lunar New Year 2018
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