Business Philosophy

First of all, we would like to send our respectful greetings and thank you customers and partners interested in SERVICE PROVIDING JOINT STOCK COMPANY No.1 HA TINH. We are honored to share with all of you and all of you the messages we set as the guideline in our activities.

With the business motto: “Always bring dedicated service to customers”, we put that slogan into our business activities and constantly strive to bring the best results towards the maximum benefit of our customers. goods and success with partners. In the business strategy of the office, we build a model that works effectively from the complementarity of service activities. These activities aim to serve all domestic and foreign customers. Through that strategy, we aim to expand and add value in all products and services offered to customers. We always focus on building, maintaining and developing company culture, especially respecting the core values, which is always for the benefit of customers, upholding honesty, professional ethics, calculating Professional and modern in business activities. Here, we work together, sharing a belief in building a brand name “HA TĨNH JSC” and a good future for all customers and for each employee. We strive to stay united, face all challenges and grow together and believe that working effort is the key to success.
The whole staff and employees (HA TĨNH JSC) we sincerely thank all the customers and partners who have been and will cooperate with SERVICE NUMBER 1 HA TINH PROVINCE JOINT STOCK COMPANY

Ha Tinh, May 2017